Quality from the Beginning

We are committed to providing you the highest-quality product, from the beginning of the process to the end, from the smallest component to the largest. Our quality commitment extends to the documentation, including internal specifications, requirements tracking and all our communication with you.

The Software You Need

We don't try to sell you a pre-packaged solution. Your software is built to your specification, with your input at all stages. Thus you can be assured, you will get what you need, no more and no less.

1. Research

2. Testing

3. Continuous

4. Final Product


TR Solutions is focused on providing you solutions in the following three specialties:

  • Reliable Web Solutions
  • Real-time Systems
  • Safety-critical Software

Web Design

TR Solutions specializes in effective and reliable interfaces. We use the power of Ruby on Rails to develop prototypes quickly that look and feel the way you want your site to look and feel. Then, if you also need especially high performance, we can reconstruct the entire website using PHP.

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Real-time Systems

Real-time systems refer to those systems which are required to respond to an external signal within a required amount of time. Examples of real-time systems include the transmit-receive portion of your mobile phone, traffic signal software and automotive fuel-injection systems.

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When a software failure could mean the loss of a human life, you need to take extra care. TR Solutions is committed to producing software that meets or exceeds its required Software Integrity Level (SIL). This means you get dependable, reliable, fully tested and fully understood software.

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