Thomas O'Dell

Thomas O'Dell has had over thirty years’ experience in the software development field. His experience includes the following:

Web Design

Thomas has over ten years’ experience in designing web solutions. These include real-time-oriented web solutions such as a traffic-condition display system for Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Most recently, he has designed web solutions based on Ruby on Rails, and has given lectures on the topic to students at Republic Polytechnic. Thomas’s primary expertise is in marrying unusual back-end providers such as VAX-VMS and IBM ALCS to web front-ends.

Real-time systems

Thomas has been working with QNX RTOS since shortly after it was created, when QNX 1 was a multi-tasking but not yet networked system. He worked extensively with QNX 2, and also with QNX 4. His most recent experience has been porting QNX 4 applications to QNX 6. Thomas has used QNX to create distributed real-time databases used in traffic management systems. He has also completed several projects to integrate QNX with Windows systems, including a hot-reboot system for Windows 3.1 and QNX 2 (virtualization ahead of its time!).

Safety-critical systems

Thomas has long had an investment in quality control and finding ways to achieve high reliability out of software at a reasonable cost. Most recently he worked for Taiwan High Speed Rail to evaluate the safety integrity level of its Fare Collection System.